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Established in :2008
Industry: Software
Country : Malaysia
State : 0
Revenue:$1 to $100,000
Profit:$1 to $100,000
Cashflow:$100,000 to $200,000
NAV:$1 to $100,000
Furnitures / Asset:Undisclosed
Account Receivables:Undisclosed
Cash / Bank :Undisclosed
Inventory / Stocks:Undisclosed
Payables / Creditor:Undisclosed
Loan / Payables:Undisclosed
Fulltime Employees:Undisclosed
Parttime Employees:Undisclosed
Owner Working:
Owner Drawing:Undisclosed
Home based:
Price includes all:Yes
Seller Finance:
License :
Training Period:
Asking Price:$200,000 to $300,000
Reason to Sell:Undisclosed

php software dewvelopment company for sale

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php software dewvelopment company for sale

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